Wild Lights Dublin Zoo – dazzling Chinese themed event


Wild Lights Dublin Zoo

Wild Lights Dublin Zoo is a brand new magical night-time event that is coming to Dublin Zoo this winter.
Wild Lights will feature giant colourful lanterns and illuminated animal sculptures inspired by wildlife.

The unique experience allows vistors to follow and discover a “dazzling array of beautifully crafted enormous silk lanterns, before being wowed by the Chinese performers and crafts while enjoying Chinese foods and warm drinks”.


Wild Lights Dublin Zoo performers

Chinese performers and Asian craft and food markets will be on hand every evening too – and the installation will run until the start of January.
The lanterns of lions, tigers, elephants and other animals will light up the walkways of the Phoenix Park tourist attraction each night from 5pm to 9pm.
Dublin Zoo was at risk of closure at the turn of the millenium, but remained open due to renewed government support. It has since seen the addition of a dinosaur exhibit and a reptile enclosure, and now regularly ranks among the country’s top tourist attractions.

Wild Lights Dublin Zoo promises to be a truly unforgettable experience where friends, families and groups can come together to celebrate the festive period.
Wild Lights Dublin Zoo will run from 3rd November-7th January.

Find out more about Wild Lights here.

Top Tip:
Bring some gloves and a hat! (maybe even an umbrella  just incase). Also make sure your camera or phone is fully charged you will be stopping to take alot of photos.

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