Dublin Zoo May Bank Holiday


The may bank holiday is always a good time to unwind and enjoy some time with family and friends.
A perfect place to do this is of course Dublin Zoo!  Always fun for the kids and also the big kids!

Dublin Zoo is located in  Phoneix Park Dublin, it is the largest zoo in Ireland, and one of the most popular attractions in Dublin with park of gardens, lakes and wonderful natural habitats for over 400 animals.

Information about Dublin Zoo

Covering over 28 hectares (69 acres) of Phoenix Park, it is divided into areas named
Asian Forests,
Orangutan Forest,
The Kaziranga Forest Trail,
Fringes of the Arctic,
Sea Lion Cove,
African Plains,
Roberts House,
House of Reptiles,
City Farm
South American House.

Other animals in Dublin Zoo’s collection which are not part of a specific themed area include, Chilean flamingos, everyones favorite meerkats, cuddley and sleepy red pandas, South American tapirs, little egrets and waldrapp ibises.

Where to eat

You are sure to get hungry during your visit – but don’t worry they wont be feeding you to the lions.
At Dublin Zoo there is no excuse for hunger spoiling a good day out!

Dublin Zoo has a wide range of offerings to suit every taste.  Be sure to visit the unique Meerkat Restaurant.And as you enjoy your meal – look out for the inquisitive Meerkats – they’ll be watching your every move!

There are also several cafes and kiosk around the zoo serving delicious sandwiches, hot coffee, pizza, ice cream and more.

Zoo Shop

Dublin Zoo has two gift shops which feature an array of fascinating gifts and treats from around the world. You will find exclusive merchandise featuring animals, cuddly toys, t-shirts, books, bags and much more.

You can also take create a Magic Memory – a portrait that will always be a special reminder of your exciting day at Dublin Zoo.

And the good thing about it all profits go to the up keep of Dublin Zoo and feed your furry little friends.

There is always so much to see and do at Dublin Zoo. To help you make the most of your day here’s a list of our daily events, feeds and talks. See the Schedule here.

You can also order a tickets online via their online ticket system to help avoid any queues click here.



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